Secular Celebrations Ministries is the most diversified clergy service in the Oklahoma Region; also serving Arkansas, Northeast Texas, Northwest, Louisiana, Southwest Missouri, and Southeast Kansas. We believe that all people should have equality in their expression and pursuit of the love they share with their significant others, families and friends. All the SCM Ceremony Officiants are licensed, ordained, non-denominational Ministers who perform customized ceremonies for your special events.

Whether your ceremony is secular, contemporary, or civil; in a church, hotel, club, or garden, choose Secular Celebrations Ministries to commemorate your event. SCM strives to perform professional and entertaining ceremonies abiding by federal and state laws. Our Passion is Service to you – to write the next chapter in your love story.

Our Passion
Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo – we believe in thinking differently.  Secular Celebrations Ministries (SCM), and the Secular Ministries Foundation (SMF) provides the best services options by building trust, and a strong customer relationship.  Our mission requires a collective effort of fresh ideas to provide the finest service for you.

Our Values
Keeping with our philosophy “Mission First – People Always“, SCM strives to meet our customer’s needs, and care for our employees.  We believe in helping people who need help – the basic principle of “Treat people as they should be treated“.

Our Service
SCM understands you want the best service for your money. We have built a solid network of employees as innovators and industry leaders. Regardless of your ceremonial or charity needs, SCM and SMF stands ready to deliver.